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About Wanderlust Tapestry.

"Wanderlust Tapestry" is a place that aims to inspire and assist you in embarking on meaningful and immersive travel experiences tailored to your unique travel preferences. The goal is to establish connections and create experiences that will deeply resonate with your wanderlust spirit.


Meet Sara Chan, a certified FORA travel advisor with extensive experience in hospitality, service, and tourism, as well as a seasoned traveler. She is dedicated to offering unforgettable travel services to help you craft an unforgettable journey. By leveraging the resources and network of preferred partners at Fora Travel, the opportunities are limitless. Explore Sara's blog and portfolios for travel inspiration, ideas, and engaging content, and schedule a consultation today!


Let's begin turning your wanderlust dreams into reality!

FORA Travel


"We’re a modern travel agency with a twist – one that is thoughtfully designed, proactively inclusive, tech-driven and well, cool. We make it dead simple for you to travel like an insider, with killer perks and data-driven recommendations – all for the same price as doing the heavy lifting yourself. And for our travel advisors, we’re building a ton of tech to welcome you to the industry and make you look amazing (and be amazingly successful)"  

  FORA Travel

profile picture of Sara Chan in comic style
Sara Chan laying on a stone wall overlooking a beach in northern chile


"My name is Sara Chan and my mission is provide my clients with meaningful and immersive travel experiences curated to their personal travel style to create and foster connections and experiences that will resonate within their wanderlust soul for a lifetime, So Lets Start Weaving Your Wanderlust Dreams into Reality!"

Sara Chan, a certified FORA Travel Advisor, distinguishes herself as an exemplary travel agent fueled by a profound passion for exploration. Her commitment and proficiency in curating travel adventures have matured and diversified over time. Sara's extensive travels, including an extended residency in South America, have enriched her understanding of diverse cultures and customs. Raised in Western Canada by an American mother and Canadian father, Sara has made New Orleans her home for the past decade, honing her career in the realms of hospitality, service, and tourism. Transitioning from corporate finance and executive administration management, she ventured through various sectors before fully immersing herself in the Hospitality/Tourism industry. Sara's professional journey encompasses roles ranging from craft mixologist and bar/events manager at a hostel to general manager of two boutique hotels, executive chef, and event planning and management. Her broad spectrum of interests spanning mixology, culinary arts, travel, and event coordination renders her a versatile travel advisor. Leveraging her extensive background, Sara is committed to delivering exceptional service, meticulously overseeing every aspect of your journey. By entrusting Sara with crafting your next travel experience, you can embark on an unforgettable voyage with confidence, immerse yourself in local cultures, and forge enduring memories as you explore the world's finest offerings. Allow Sara to transform your wanderlust aspirations into tangible lifelong experiences, and Weave your wanderlust dreams into reality!

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